1. What is EKIN SNY JMUN?

It is a conference organized for middle school students aged between 11 and 14 at Ekin College with the partnership of Ekin Junior Model United Nations and United Nations Association of the United States of America Southern New York Division, and various UNA-USA chapters.

2. When and where does EKIN SNY JMUN take place?

The event of 2024 is planned to take place between the dates of 26-28 April 2024.  

3. What is the theme to be debated and discussed at the conference?

The Art of Diplomacy

4. Is individual application accepted?

Yes. But you may be paired with another delegate to take part in the committee actively.

5. How do I realize my application has gone through and accepted?

Once you finalize your application form you will receive a message at the end of the form approving the receipt of your application.

For any type of delegate registration, within two business days, primary advisors will receive an approval email from our team with details included in the email. If not, you are kindly requested to notify the organizational committee ASAP.

6. How do we learn about the transport and accommodation?

You will find information about Accommodation and Transport by kindly clicking on the relevant button. 

In the meantime, primary advisors will be communicated for the details if necessary.

7. How do we pay the delegation fee?

You will find the necessary information in the Finance section. In the meantime, primary advisors will be communicated for the means of payments. Payments can be paid by credit card or bank transfer. For CC payments advisors are required to request this means of payment from our team with an email or a phone call. 

8. Does EKIN SNY JMUN provide meals?

Yes, we do and the fee is included in the delegate registration fee. Lunch is provided for the three days of the event. The event also provides fresh coffee breaks should the global pandemic protocols allow. 

9. Does EKIN SNY JMUN have a code for dressing and language?

Yes. The dress code for both ladies and gentlemen should be formal as well as the language to be used. The conference strictly requires all the delegates to be using the official language of the conference.

10. Does EKIN SNY JMUN organize a social event?

TBA at a later date.