1. What is EKINJMUN?

It is an MUN conference organized for middle school students aged between 11-14 years at Ekin College.

2. When and where does EKINJMUN take place?

It takes place in Ekin College, Seyrek Campus between the dates of 10th-12th of January 2020.

3. What is the theme to be debated and discussed at the conference?


4. Is individual application accepted?

Yes. But you may be paired with another delegate to take part in the committee actively.

5. How do I realize my application has gone through and accepted?

Within a fortnight you will receive an approval email. If not you are kindly requested to notify the organizational committee asap.

6. How do we learn about the transport and accommodation?

You will find information about Accommodation and Transport by kindly clicking or the relevant button.

7. How do we pay the delegation fee?

You will find the necessary information at Finance section

8. Does EKINJMUN provide meals?

Yes, we do and the fee is included in the delegate registration fee.

9. Does EKINJMUN have a code for dressing and language?

Yes. The dress code for both ladies and gentlemen should be formal as well as the language to be used. The conference strictly requires all the delegates to be using the official language of the conference.

10. Does EKINJMUN organize a social event?

Yes. We do have social event in the school grounds where the conference takes place.