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Dear Delegates,

It is with the greatest excitement that I welcome you to the beautiful city of Izmir and to EKINSNY JMUN 2024! Our Secretariat and team of Chairs are hard at work preparing eight committees that will put you in the hot seats of key UN bodies and task you with the debate, deliberation, and decision-making that will change the world and lay the groundwork for our future. And in April, we will be traveling to Izmir from all over the world to give you the best
Model UN experience of your life. 

My first Model UN conference was at the United Nations in New York when I was just ten years old – which means that my MUN career is now sixteen years long. In that time, I have not only
competed but also been Secretary-General of three conferences, coached a high school MUN team, Chaired, and Crisis Directed countless committees, founded my own conference, and much
more. MUN has taken me all over the United States and as far away as Spain and China. I am forever grateful that I decided to join my middle school MUN club because it has brought me some of the best friends and the most inspiring experiences and helped my timid ten-year-old self find her voice and become the global public speaker that she never could have imagined becoming. Whether you are joining us at EKINSNY JMUN to learn more about global issues, to become a better speaker, or to participate in an extracurricular activity with your friends, I know that you will leave with
all of the above and so much more.

A quote I often pass at the United Nations reads, “The United Nations was not created in order to bring us to heaven, but in order to save us from hell.” The eight UN bodies that you will simulate during EKINSNY JMUN are carefully curated to encourage you to confront some of the direst problems facing humanity today. Model United Nations is all about believing in the power of global cooperation to tackle these problems, and I look forward to seeing all the creative ways that you will propose in committee to do just that. The thing I most look forward to observing at each Model UN conference I attend is, If young people ran the world, how might we change it?  More quickly, more collaboratively, more empathetically?

EKINSNY JMUN will be full of opportunities to learn something new, leave your comfort zone behind, and put my hypothesis to
the test – how will you bring positive change to the world?


Raina Kadavil
Secretary-General, EKINSNY JMUN 2024