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Dear Delegates,

I am thrilled to officially welcome you to this year’s Ekin Altitude Junior Model United
Nations Conference taking place in the heart of Izmir, Turkey!
Every year, the conference brings together delegates from all over Turkey and the world to
debate and find solutions for contemporary world issues. Our topics for this year are
diverse and multi-dimensional, ranging from humanitarian and protracted crises to
environmental concerns and recent technological dilemmas.
More than ever, the world is in dire need of urgent action, and youth involvement is
indispensable to achieving tangible and long-term advancements. Our goal is to provide
you with the necessary tools and skills to contribute to pragmatic solutions that lead to
sustainable development. Indeed, the resolutions you will devise reflect the importance of
engaging young generations in political and social discussions and allowing them to act as
agents of change.
The whole team has been collectively working to bring the conference to life and our
Secretariat members are very excited to see you in action in Izmir! I hope this experience
allows you to grow and broaden your knowledge and ignites a desire within you to continue
advocating for justice and equality for all marginalized communities globally.

Yours Sincerely,
Perla Khaled