The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) is the United Nations specialized agency for information and communication technologies – ICTs.

Founded in 1865 to facilitate international connectivity in communications networks, we allocate global radio spectrum and satellite orbits, develop the technical standards that ensure networks and technologies seamlessly interconnect, and strive to improve access to ICTs to underserved communities worldwide.  Every time you make a phone call via the mobile, access the Internet, or send an email, you are benefitting from the work of ITU. 

ITU is committed to connecting all the world’s people– wherever they live and whatever their means. Through our work, we protect and support everyone’s right to communicate.​


Agenda Item: ” Reevaluating Cybersecurity Standards in a Post-Pandemic World “


Summary of the Item

People across the globe have increased their reliance on the internet during the COVID-19 pandemic, as they have learned to rely on it to work and learn through distance work. IT’s role within the social, political, economic, and cultural realms has also risen in prominence. Simultaneously, cyberattacks have also been alarmingly increasing worldwide as a result of the crisis. Healthcare institutions in particular have been subjected to significantly increased rates of ransomware attacks. Delegates will be pushed to address these cybersecurity concerns by adjusting national frameworks and increasing international cooperation. Moreover, delegates will be pushed to rethink and repurpose cybersecurity through the synonymous consideration of its feasibility and the various types of online security; all while keeping in mind the new norms of online collaboration.