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Conference Dress Code

All delegates are required  to abide by the  virtual conference dress code  and dress in business attire. The ones who fail to dress accordingly will not be allowed in the committee sessions. Please read below rules for EKIN LAU GCI JMUN dress code. The following types are requisites for conference participation as a delegate.

A professional suit would make you look serious enough to be listened to.

Male delegates are advised to wear a shirt tucked in at all times. Female delegates are advised to wear a blouse, sweater or button-down shirt, or an appropriate dress. They may as well prefer to wear appropriate skirts.

Both male and female delegates are also required to choose shoes or boots which would match their preferred dress codes.

Both female and male delegates are required to keep their hair appropriate for the conference. DYED hairstyles which might distract the attention would not be accepted in the committee sessions.

For a professional presentation and attendance at the conference, no delegate is allowed to keep the piercings on their faces or noses unless it represents a religious or cultural purpose.