SPECPOL (Special Political and Decolonization Committee) is The United Nations General Assembly Fourth Committee out of its six main committees.

When the system of main committees was created, the Fourth Committee was responsible for trusteeship and decolonization-related matters. After the dismantling of the trusteeship system — resulting from independence being granted to all the trust territories and the sharp reduction in the number of non-self-governing territories — the Fourth Committee’s workload decreased. As a result, the Fourth Committee was merged with the Special Political Committee, which had been created as a seventh committee of the whole to deal with certain political issues after the General Assembly found that the First Committee (originally the Political and Security Committee) was too busy.

SPECPOL deals with decolonization, Palestinian refugees and human rights, peacekeeping, mine action, outer space, public information, atomic radiation and the University for Peace.

Agenda Items 

Agenda Item 1: Addressing The Status of The Remaining Non-Self Governing Territories

Agenda Item 2: Regulation of Private Enterprises in Space

Chair: Jançat Tezcan

Co-Chair: Irmak Öztürk